Bandung Car Rental

Why a Bandung Car Rental is Necessary when You Travel to Bandung?

A Choice Between Tour Package and A Self Designed Tour

The first time I planned a trip to Bandung with my family was several years ago, at that moment me and my wife were divided on the decision whether to purchase a tour package or to go there by ourselves with our self designed trip.

There are many benefit and disadvantage if you buy a tour package, first and foremost since you have paid for the travel agent, they will take care of everything you need on your trip. This includes airlines ticket, hotel booking, local ground transportation, tourist attraction ticket entrance, and usually immigration procedure as well.
All you have to do is be there on time as scheduled and enjoy the trip.

On the other hand there are some disadvantage of buying a packaged tour, one of them is you don’t have the freedom to choose the things you want to do as you always have to stick with the tour group and follow them to every destinations.
Other disadvantage of a tour package is that they sometimes take you to places that they earn commission from if you shop, for example silk factory, tailor, jewelery store, medicine shop, etc. It is always a waste of your valuable time visiting this kind of places as you aren’t always like in the things sold there.

Travelling in a self planned tour by yourself is the better choice to tour package, this is the best way to travel because you have all the freedom to come and see places you want. You are able stay at one place and get to know it and the habit of people there so better that you feel you become a part of it.
This is the kind of travel experience you can’t get when you go in a packaged tour.

Why a Self Planned Tour to Bandung Need A Bandung Car Rental?

Since a self predetermined tour requires a good transport, you can get communal transportation like bus, train or other type of public transport. Though they are inexpensive, it is better to use a more reliable type of transportation.

Renting a car rental with chauffeur is a luxury in some part of the world like Europe or America but in Asia it is almost a requirement for a vacationers. This is the reason why many countries in Asia doesn’t have a good communal transportation as in Europe or United States.

Travelers to countries like Indonesia relying heavily on this kind of trasnportation, car rental with chauffeur. As a new holidaymaker destination city like Bandung a laid back city compared to capital city Jakarta, traffic is always a problem especially on weekend as the number of vechicles can be two-fold with tourists coming from all over the country and abroad.
If you travel to Bandung there are some car rentals you can choose but the one I find very reliable is Bandung car rental by the name of Mulia Car Rental. The level of service of this car rental is truly fantastic, the quality of the cars are excellent as they always use the newest cars. The manner of the chauffeur are also on a superb note, they are always polite and go all the way to fulfill your needs.

Bandung Car Rental

For an unforgetful holiday in Bandung make sure rent from Mulia Rental – Bandung car rental

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